Guest : Bruno Le Maire

Bruno Le Maire, guest of ARC Cabinet

Bruno Le Maire is a French politician, former Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin from 2006 to 2017, he is then appointed Secretary of State for European Affairs from 2008 to 2009 under the Fillon II government. Under the third Fillon government, he became Minister of Agriculture, Food, Fishing, Rurality and Spatial Planning. Since May 17, 2017, he is Minister of Economy and Finance of the government of Edouard Philippe, and then Jean Castex, succeeding Michel Sapin in this position.

Bruno Le Maire was the guest of the breakfast debate organized by the Cabinet ARC on October 3, 2017 during which he was able to express himself on the theme:

« What visibility for companies in 2018? »

Discover the main points of this breakfast debate with our videos extracts below :

The ARC / IFOP Barometer, Bercy's work base

The ARC / IFOP Barometer: A basis for Bercy

Name and Shame, an effective technique for payment delays?

Name and Shame: An effective technique?

Dématerialisation et plafond légal du délai de paiement

Dematerialization and legal ceiling of payment

Réduire le plafond du délai de paiement

Reduce the legal limit of the payment period

Lien entre le désengagement des banques et les délais de paiement, extrait du baromètrre ARC/IFOP

What is the link between bank disengagement and payment delays?

Quel est le délai légal de paiement des factures en France ?

What is the legal payment period?

Baromètre ARC/IFOP: Regain de confiance des entreprises

A renewed confidence of companies

L'Etat s'engage pour la dématérialisation des factures

The State agrees for the dematerialization of invoices