Guest: Michel Sapin

Michel Sapin, guest of ARC Cabinet

Michel Sapin has been Minister of Finance and Public Accounts since 2014, a position he had previously held under François Mitterrand’s term of office between 1992 and 1993. He previously held the position of Minister of Labor, Employment, Training Professional and Social Dialogue between 2012 and 2014. His experience had also earned him to be appointed Minister of Public Service and State Reform under Jacques Chirac between 2000 and 2002.

Michel Sapin was twice the guest of the breakfast debates, in October 2012 during which he spoke on the following question:

« The chances of recovery of the French economic situation »

Then in October 2018 around the theme:

« How to strengthen business growth in 2019? »

Find the details of the interventions of this breakfast debate

The message to Michel Sapin's companies in 2018

Michel Sapin: His message to companies

Discover his message to companies at the end of this event, especially regarding their desire for visibility in tax matters.

Payment deadlines in France - Sapin / Asselin

Payment deadlines in France

François Asselin and Michel Sapin, guests of the breakfast debate of October 2018 of ARC Cabinet expressed themselves alongside Jean-Marc Sylvestre and Denis Le Bossé on the payment deadlines of companies in France. Analysis of the situation, problems and possible solutions to improve the situation.

Michel Sapin gives us his vision of the French economic situation in 2018

The outline of the French economic situation in 2018

Michel Sapin gives us his analysis of the French economic situation in 2018. He addresses the following topics in particular: Growth, business investment, private investment and employment.

The French banking system

Michel Sapin / François Asselin: The French banking system

François Asselin and Michel Sapin speak about the French banking system, its actors, its functioning and its relationship with the business world, particularly in terms of financing.

Bad students in terms of payment delays according to Michel Sapin

Payment delays, the worst students

Michel Sapin returns here particularly on the bad pupils in terms of delays of payment.

Michel Sapin comments on the 2018 edition of the ARC / IFOP barometer on payment terms

Michel Sapin: Analysis of the ARC / IFOP Barometer 2018

Michel Sapin, former Minister of the Economy, was the guest of the ARC Cabinet during the breakfast debate of 11 October 2018 on the theme "How to strengthen the economic growth of companies in 2019? ". He was also able to comment on the annual ARC / FIFB barometer on payment deadlines and recovery, discover his analysis.

Michel Sapin was speaking in 2012 on the chances of recovery of the French economic situation

Michel Sapin, guest of the breakfast debate of October 2012

Michel Sapin pronounces on the chances of recovery of the French economic situation.

Michel Sapin on the role of the BPI and the "pigeons"

The opinion of Michel Sapin on the BPI and the "pigeons"