Guest: René Ricol

René Ricol, guest of Cabinet ARC

René Ricol is a chartered accountant and auditor. Between 2008 and 2009, he held the position of Credit Mediator. It will be until 2012 Commissioner General for Investment. He also wrote a report in 2008 on the global economic crisis. He is distinguished as Honorary President of the Ordre des Experts-Comptables and the International Federation of Accountants, a federation he chaired from 2002 to 2004. He was the guest of Cabinet ARC in November 2014, he was able to express itself on the theme:

« The competitiveness of French companies »

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René Ricol: French banks and the crisis of easy money

René Ricol: French banks and the crisis of easy money

Rene Ricol, Mediator of Credit and Commissioner General for Investment: "The challenge is to fight against this incredible desire to earn money quickly."

René Ricol shares his expertise on business development

René Ricol's expertise in business development

"Create an ecosystem between large groups, their suppliers and their subcontractors ..."

René Ricol: His position on credit insurance

Rene Ricol's opinion on credit insurance