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Cabinet ARC, debt collection specialist

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A late payment?

Cabinet ARC’s commitments in relation to debt collection

  • Flexibility in methods and operational processes to adapt to the specific debtors.
  • Upstream development of a suitable debt collection strategy.
  • Speed of thought and action in handling your dossiers.
  • Tact in negotiations: targeted actions carried out intelligently and firmly, to ensure good business relations are maintained with the debtor while also protecting your interests.
  • Tenacity throughout the debt collection operation, from the beginning of the amicable phase to the end of the enforcement phase.
  • Strict confidentiality.

Cabinet ARC’s guarantees

  • One designated contact person informs you of progress.
  • Direct, secure access to your online dossier on
  • A financial guarantee issued by the Mutuelles du Mans Assurances.
  • Professional liability insurance covering the financial consequences relating to the actions undertaken.

As the goal is to satisfy customer requirements, Cabinet ARC has developed an internal quality management process, which is also subject to a continuous improvement process.

1/ The availability of Cabinet ARC’s players:

  • The chairman
  • The lawyers specializing in handling business debts
  • The debt collection managers
  • The accountants

2/ Our policy:

  • continually listen to our customers’ expectations
  • make good use of the information received
  • continually seek to optimize our debt collection methods:
    • controlling costs and timescales
    • rapidly and effectively handling any sources of dissatisfaction
    • promoting ongoing effective legal intelligence

3/ Specific development of a secure information window customized to the customer’s needs

4 / Steering and reporting management policy:

  • Optimizing communication
  • Producing regular statistical and financial reports