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Cabinet ARC, debt collection specialist

Your money has no time to lose
       Business lawyers debt collection experts

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The team

A debt collection team made up of senior business lawyers, led by Denis Le Bossé.

The Cabinet ARC is composed of business lawyers specializing in the recovery of commercial, civil and public debt:

Holders of:

  • DESS / MASTER 2 in business litigation
  • DEA / MASTER 2 in business law
  • DEA / MASTER 2 in international and European public law
  • DEA / MASTER 2 in international and European business
  • DEA / Master 2 in private law.

Graduates of the École Nationale de Procédure.

Day to day use of their expertise.

This debt collection expertise is made use of day to day by Cabinet ARC business lawyers when handling each outstanding invoice:

Specialized in amicable and legal debt collection and in enforcement proceedings.

Experienced in “flow” case management and taking over “stocks” cases.

Careful to maintain good relations with debtors.

Anxious to adapt their debt collection strategy to your debtors’ profile.

Cabinet ARC’s expertise is your guarantee of work that has already been recognized by numerous customers.

Cabinet ARC consists of a team of senior lawyers, serving its customers.

If you are highly qualified in law, and a specialist in collecting outstanding business, civil and public debts, please feel free to send us your CV and a covering letter by e-mail only to rh *at*

Cabinet ARC employees are lawyers with a Master II in law and / or are graduates of the École Nationale de Procédure and / or can prove at least two years’ experience in a similar position.

Cabinet ARC lawyers are autonomous, organized, rigorous and versatile.