Credit Management

Business receivables management service for companies

Cabinet ARC is a Cabinet of specialized business lawyers for almost 30 years in debt collection. The optimization of the management of the receivables management consists in the management of the recovery of the unpaid invoices with your customer while preserving the relations of business with this last one.

Our lawyers are fully versed in the techniques of debt recovery and have a real bargaining power, allowing you to optimize cash flow in your company while preserving the customer relationship.

Thus, the customer account is a strategic source of cash. It is in this context that the lawyers of the Cabinet ARC accompany you, on a daily basis, from the analysis of the risk to the execution of the decisions of justice. Our lawyers work with you, for the sake of transparency and fluidity of the law. information to ensure a return on your investment personality.

Cabinet ARC specializes in commercial debt collection (B2B) and banking. The employees of Cabinet ARC also support the Credit Manager of SMEs and large groups in the smooth running of their missions related to customer risk management.

The activity of the Cabinet ARC is divided into four departments :

  • Audit & Training,
  • Credit Management,
  • Debt collection,
  • Business Detectives, created in 1993 by Denis LE BOSSE, President of the ARC Cabinet. This “pilot” department makes it possible to target the place where the debtor’s seizable assets are located, assuring you an ever more efficient recovery of your debt.

The expertise of our business lawyers associated with the investigations of our business detective department, constitute the strong point of the Cabinet ARC.

The high technicality, responsiveness and striking power of our employees ensure you a tailor-made and fast recovery of your debt.

Optimizing debt collection

Optimizing your debt collection means limiting the risk of default by acting upstream of the debt collection phase, even before the invoice is due.

We look after your credit management

That is to say we manage invoice reminders and receipt of payments.


  • Monitoring the case file from the time the customer is invoiced.
  • Personalized customer reminders and diagnosis of the customer’s outstanding invoices in order to detect any problems, disputes, or invoicing errors that could delay payment.


  • To reduce your working capital requirement and your DSO.

Cabinet ARC’s commitment

Operate tactfully, professionally and confidentially to, as far as possible, protect your business relations with your customers.