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Louis Gallois

Since 2014 Louis Gallois has been Chairman of the PSA Peugeot Citroën group’s Supervisory Board. Starting his career in government at the Treasury Department in 1972, he became Director General of Industry at the Ministry of Industry in 1982 before undertaking a mission at the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Privatization in October 1986. He took over the position of Chairman and CEO of SNECMA in 1989 and then Aerospatiale in 1992. He continued as head of the SNCF in 1996 where he remained until 2006. He then became head of the EADS Group until 2012. He was then appointed General Commissioner for Investment, a position he held for 2 years.

Louis Gallois

Louis Gallois, Cabinet ARC guest!

On Tuesday 19 November, 2013, Cabinet ARC welcomed Louis Gallois for its breakfast debate on “How can we restore competitiveness?” The meeting was an opportunity for Mr Gallois to comment on the results of the Cabinet ARC / Ifop annual debt collection survey.

JM Sylvestre comments

Jean-Marc Sylvestre, columnist, comments on what Louis Gallois has to say

“Above all improving the situation in French industry will come with the harmonization of European economic policies.”

Denis Le Bossé

Breakfast presentation, 19 November 2013

Denis Le Bossé, President of Cabinet Arc, presents the issues relating to competitiveness, with Louis Gallois as a guest.

Kérine Tran

The Hamon law – known as the consumption law

Louis Gallois

Louis Gallois, guest of Cabinet Arc -1

Competitiveness and growth: Louis Gallois talks about the factors in the resumption of French competitiveness and a return to growth in Europe.

Louis Gallois

Louis Gallois, guest of Cabinet Arc -2

Competition and energy: Louis Gallois talks about the usefulness of the nuclear industry and regrets the lack of a European energy policy.

Louis Gallois

Louis Gallois and taxation

Louis Gallois advocates stability and fiscal visibility!