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Case study

For our customers operating in various business sectors, Cabinet ARC lawyers produced 200 million euros of additional cash in H1 in 2010 – read our case study.

Debt collection

5 million euros of additional cash collected for one of our customers, a specialist in office printers:

This customer handed over the amicable and legal collection of its outstanding invoices to us. We contacted its defaulting customers to identify the reasons for the failure to pay, began dispute proceedings and agreed payment schedules.

In cases where debtors do not comply with payment schedules, legal proceedings are initiated against them through our legal officials in order to obtain an order to pay the unpaid invoices in addition to late payment penalties, legal interest, any termination penalties, costs and full expenses.

Then we manage the enforcement process with our bailiff network, taking care to locate sources of assets upstream to limit vexatious actions.

Debt collection in relation to finance

How can debt collection be optimized when we are faced with an outstanding payment on a financing contract?

This type of contract is intended to finance the acquisition of property and generally ownership is transferred at the end of a leasing period, or via a deferred sale contract. We can work with the debtor at the time of the first outstanding payment in addition to any out of court action undertaken by our customer in-house.

In the event of recurrent outstanding payments the contract is terminated. It is then necessary to draw up the most appropriate strategy which will reconcile recovering the property and collecting the debt.

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Recovering outstanding rent

Cabinet ARC has a department specializing in recovering unpaid rent, be it in relation to civil or commercial leases.

So what are our objectives?

  • Repossess the premises as soon as possible
  • Consequently stop the haemorrhage of outstanding payments
  • Recover the debt

To do this, we intervene at the time of the first outstanding payment in parallel to the amicable process undertaken by our customer. Read More