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Debt collection in France and abroad

Collect your receivables in the amicable phase

Maintaining customer relations is essential in any business, which is why Cabinet ARC lawyers give priority to amicable debt collection in order to optimize the payment of outstanding invoices.

Approach :

Our lawyers begin the amicable process as soon as they receive your case files, complementing any actions undertaken in-house. If necessary, a thorough credit investigation is made to determine the most appropriate strategy for recovering the unpaid invoices.

The same lawyer handles your case files throughout the entire debt collection process, monitoring the impact of reminders sent to debtors by changing the sequence, content and media at each stage.

Cabinet ARC’s international debt collection expertise is based on constantly matching the approach to the commercial and legal context in each country.

A sound knowledge of languages, law, and local practices enable our lawyers to determine the most suitable procedure for collecting your outstanding invoices abroad. Over a period of 20 years Cabinet ARC has organized and expanded a comprehensive worldwide network of efficient partners it has selected on the basis of strict criteria.

Their knowledge of the laws of the country and its culture are a vital asset in optimizing the collection of your unpaid invoices.