EDF case

EDF, client of Cabinet ARC for the recovery of its debts
Activity : Supply of energy and services
Workforce : 150.000 employees
Sales : 75 M€
Headquarters : Paris (75)

EDF and Cabinet ARC: 10 years of collaboration

EDF attests to the assumption of responsibility for its debt recovery files by Cabinet ARC

Laurent Lemaire – Credit Manager – EDF

« EDF has been a client of Cabinet ARC for 10 years, the collaboration began with a study which made it possible to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of our collection and to make improvements. We then worked more regularly on arrears in our portfolio by acting with the ARC Cabinet method through precautionary foreclosures.»

The expertise of Cabinet ARC

« I will mainly retain a specificity of Cabinet ARC. This is a collection agency that will not work on the bottom of the portfolio but rather on individual debt, this is an important point. For a company like EDF, which has an extremely large panel, it is interesting to have this “top portfolio” expertise. Then, the prior action to define, to identify seizable assets, is to my knowledge a specificity of Cabinet ARC. We have not seen it anywhere else and I think it is a very high added value since we then know what we have to do. The precautionary attachment, which in my opinion is an excellent vector which makes it possible to go faster, is thus targeted.
I think EDF is satisfied with its collaboration with Cabinet ARC. Experiences on the top of the portfolio have been very successful for EDF. »