Business Detectives

Business detective for your business

Our business detectives help you select your future partners. They preventively assess customer risk.


  • Detailed financial investigations into companies and their leaders
  • Solvency investigations conducted by our business detectives
  • Legal intelligence


  • Prevent customer risk (late payments or failure to pay)

Optimize debt collection

To optimize the collection of your outstanding invoices, our business detectives department conduct comprehensive financial investigations to locate any of your debtor’s assets that could be seized and so transform your legal decision into cash.

Approach of our investigations

  • Information:
    • Address search (from a complete identity)
    • Employer
    • Bank account
    • Civil status information
    • Location and evaluation of property, vehicles, machinery, etc.
  • Determination of guarantees
  • Asset search
  • Complete solvency
  • Legal and property transmission intelligence
Détective d'affaires pour saisir les actifs d'une entreprise débittrice

Objective of our investigations

  • Speed up the collection of receivables

Authorization for private investigations AUT-092-02113-02-27-20140371354