Cabinet ARC
102-104 Avenue Edouard Vaillant

CMCA, ARC Cabinet Client for debt recovery
Our customers testify


  • Job: Chemical plant protection, seeds
  • Employees: 1,300
  • Head office: Saint-Sauveur (31)

ARC’s strengths according to Syngenta

The strong points of our collaboration with ARC are, in a nutshell, three times the same letter, the letter P :

  • P for professional, because it involves a lot of technical expertise and presence.
  • P as well as performance, because we’ve achieved results where in my company, if you’ll pardon the expression, no one gave me a winner on this one, but we’ve won and then finally;
  • Perspicacity and precision, because as soon as you ask a question, as soon as you need information to validate your strategy, you get a precise and immediate answer, and personally that’s what I appreciate.I’m not going to say enormously, I’m going to say infinitely, when you call to ask about one of these files, you get the impression that the person had closed it 5 minutes ago before talking to you about it, and that’s reassuring and practical for a customer”.

The strengths of ARC “

Christophe Ferrie

Credit Manager Syngenta

Why we chose ARC “

Christophe Ferrie

Credit Manager Syngenta

“We worked with Cabinet ARC. We chose it for two reasons: first, professionalism, and second, simplicity. Because not all our employees are excellent lawyers. So at some point you have to come up with an operational language, because what we’re all looking for, including Cabinet ARC, is a result, and Cabinet ARC has already proved its worth in this respect.

Technicality, because we work in a rather special sector, the agricultural world, which has its own regulations, rules and operating procedures, so we need highly specialized legal experts. And at the same time, as I was saying, simplicity. We need to know how to be understood, to be able to develop with them a strategy for collecting money from our customers, and to do all this in a clear, transparent and secure way, because we’re still looking to get our money back. “