Cabinet ARC
102-104 Avenue Edouard Vaillant

Caterpillar France, ARC Cabinet Client for Debt Collection
Our customers testify


  • Business: Financing and leasing solutions for the entire Caterpillar product range
  • CAT Financial locations: 40 countries
  • SALES: €14.7 M
  • Head office: Saint-Denis (93)

Caterpillar: ARC’s speedy response

“From the moment I met Mr Le Bossé, I knew we were dealing with professionals, people who knew their business. What’s more, we had a very specific need, and I realized that there weren’t many firms that could provide the expertise we needed. In concrete terms, we gave them our portfolio of files, we gave them all the data and we told them they had carte blanche.

I think ARC is very fast, I think they know how to question us instantly when there’s a need to make a decision very quickly, they know where to find decision-makers. And I also think that they have the legal capacity, the strike force behind it, which is sufficient. We ourselves had discovered a certain number of products, such as the saisie conservatoire, which we didn’t use in France, and which are pretty hard-hitting products.

Jean-Richard Tessier on ARC’s speedy approach

Chief Financial Officer

“ARC’s strengths are above all its presence and the feedback we can get on our projects over time. Tools are made available, and above all the regular meetings we have with them to discuss the state of the portfolio. So it’s very important, if you can call it an asset, I think it’s technicality in the search for the most skilful and appropriate tactics to find a solution. If I had to recommend them I think I’d recommend them mainly for their speed. When it comes to debt collection and litigation, speed is everything. So once you’ve mastered this factor, you’ve mastered everything else.