Cabinet ARC
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Our business

Cabinet ARC

The firm is made up of a team of lawyers with dual skills.

Our approach

  • Complementing the actions of your departments
  • Efficient credit management
  • A collection strategy tailored to your debtor profile
  • A privileged contact for optimized follow-up

Our goal

  • Cut invoice payment times and reduce your DSO
  • Optimize your WCR
  • Improve your debt collection rate

Managing receivables and collecting debts is our core business!

  1. Denis Le Bossé founds Cabinet ARC

  2. Creation of the business detective department

  3. ARC offers credit management training to companies

  4. Cabinet ARC boasts a solid network of experts in France and abroad, with over 150 bailiffs in France, judicial correspondents and partners worldwide.

From the outset, the emphasis has been on the expertise of its staff, and the company has surrounded itself with a team of highly qualified lawyers with cutting-edge expertise in both private and public law, particularly business law.

This expertise in debt collection enables ARC to work alongside you ethically and responsibly.

Member of several professional associations


French Association of Credit Managers


National Association of Financial and Management Control Directors


Chambre Syndicale Nationale des Mandataires


French Detective Chamber

Denis Le Bossé, founder of Cabinet ARC

With a dual background in law and business, Denis Le Bossé began his career in 1987 as a collection consultant with a French company dedicated to this activity.

In 1989, he founded Cabinet ARC, specializing in debt collection.

Today, ARC works all over the world for a number of CAC 40 companies, major accounts and SMEs. It employs 40 people, including 30 highly qualified lawyers.

At the same time, the firm is involved in accounts receivable management (audits and training), invoice management and financial information.

Our team

Our team of collaborators is :

  • Specialized in amicable and judicial debt collection and enforcement procedures.
  • Experienced in managing “flow” files and taking over “stock” files.
  • Attentive to maintaining good relations with debtors.
  • We adapt our collection strategy to the type of debtor you have.

ARC’s associates are lawyers with a Master’s degree in law and/or a diploma from the Ecole Nationale de Procédure and/or at least two years’ experience in a similar position.

  • DESS / MASTER 2 in Business Litigation,
  • DEA / MASTER 2 in Business Law,
  • DEA / MASTER 2 in International and European Public Law,
  • DEA / MASTER 2 in International and European Business,
  • DEA / MASTER 2 in Private Law.

ARC lawyers are autonomous, organized, rigorous and versatile.

The expertise of Cabinet ARC is your guarantee of work already recognized by numerous customers.

If you are highly qualified in law, and specialize in commercial, civil and public debt collection, please send us your CV and cover letter by e-mail only, using our form.

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Our commitments

ARC’s debt collection commitments

  • Flexibility in operational methods and processes, to adapt to specific debtor requirements.
  • Upstream development of an appropriate collection strategy.
  • Speed of thought and action in handling your files.
  • Tactful negotiation: targeted actions, carried out intelligently and firmly, to maintain good commercial relations with the debtor while safeguarding your interests.
  • Tenacity throughout the collection process, from the amicable phase to the end of enforcement.
  • Strict confidentiality.

Cabinet ARC guarantees

  • A dedicated contact keeps you informed of developments in the procedure
  • Direct, secure access to your file online at
  • A financial guarantee issued by Mutuelles du Mans Assurances.
  • Professional liability insurance covers the financial consequences of actions taken.

Entrust your debt collection assignments to a recognized and experienced firm

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Le Cabinet ARC s’est attaché à mettre en place un processus interne de management de la qualité, lequel fait l’objet d’une amélioration continue, l’objectif étant de satisfaire les exigences du client.

1/ The availability of ARC’s staff

  • The Chairman
  • Lawyers specializing in the processing of trade receivables
  • Debt collectors
  • Accountants

2/ Our principles of action

  • be constantly attentive to customer expectations
  • make the most of the information received
  • constantly seek to optimize our collection methods:
    • controlling costs and deadlines
    • fast, efficient handling of dissatisfaction
    • the promotion of permanent and effective legal monitoring

3/ Development of an information window tailored to customer needs

4/ Management and reporting policy

  • Optimizing communication
  • Regular statistical and financial reports

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