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  • Business: World's leading hotel operator
  • Head office: Paris
  • Locations: 92 countries
  • Workforce: 280,000 employees under banners
  • SALES: €3,610 M

ACCOR: ARC’s strengths

“The firm’s strength in this context is its expertise. You get the feeling that you’re dealing with firm staff who are extremely sharp in their field, who know the procedure inside out, who know exactly how a debtor reacts to the various procedural weapons. This gives them an advantage over other firms, who are more process-oriented. They’re more into analyzing files, and making the most appropriate technical decision, tailor-made in fact, compared to industrial production.

I would therefore recommend them in particular for the most technical areas, for the most difficult receivables to collect. Whether for claims on the national domain, on national territory. But also on international receivables, export receivables, where again he assists us in countries where it’s really difficult to collect. Here again, I would recommend them for international collections, because their approach is once again adapted to the local context and specificities.”

The advantages of ARC “

Paul Haman

ACCOR Credit Management Director

ARC’s expertise “

Paul Haman

ACCOR Credit Management Director

ARC’s expertise

“So we chose to work in partnership with Cabinet ARC by word of mouth, by reputation. And so we had the opportunity to have a customer who failed us on several of our sites. And we had handed over one of these receivables to our long-standing partner firm, and so ultimately the same receivable, an exactly similar receivable from another establishment, which we were able to hand over in parallel to the ARC firm. In concrete terms, the result was a completely different approach to the files.

We had a much better result in terms of collection times by the ARC Cabinet. which used a technique that the other firm didn’t usually use, namely seizure. This made it possible to release the funds very quickly, and to give priority to the hotel that had remitted its claim to Cabinet ARC. In contrast, the hotel that had not used this method, and was therefore using more traditional means, was also able to recover the money, but it took much longer than with the pressure tactic of seizure. The difference between the two was several months.

ARC’s barometer

“The IFOP ARC survey is quite interesting, I’d say. In this sense, its repetitive nature already gives us a vision over time of how economic players feel about the economic situation and cash flow problems. This, too, gives us a sufficiently broad view of the environment and the changing mentality of economic players, versus the crisis situation we’re living in, so that we can see where we’re heading, where economic players think the economy is going, and thus guide action. The key word, I’d say, is anticipation, and it’s very difficult to anticipate without knowledge, without visibility, and this is one of the tools that can give us a little visibility in the current economic climate.

The ACCOR Group comments on the ARC barometer