Debt Collection

Unpaid receivables and late payments are all unforeseen events that jeopardize the cash flow of your business. It is clear from our ARC/Ifop Barometer on debt collection and payment deadlines, that a large number of disputes brought by the debtors are unfounded and seek to evade the legal obligations of payment. While preserving the customer relationship, it is important to anticipate and act as quickly as possible, in the face of situations that could jeopardize the financial health of your business.

Anticipate, act from the first late payments

It is in this context that the Cabinet ARC supports, on a daily basis, all of its clients, in order to reduce payment delays, optimize debt collection and limit the risk of unpaid bills by acting upstream of the phase recovery and placing client management at the heart of its business.

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Our lawyers are at your disposal to offer you the most appropriate debt collection procedure in case of late payment of one of your customers while maintaining good business relations with the latter.

Amicable debt collection

Maintaining the customer relationship, essential issue

Maintaining the customer relationship is essential for any business. This is why the lawyers at Cabinet ARC, experienced in negotiating techniques, favor amicable recovery actions allowing you to optimize recovering your debt and maintaining balanced business relationships with your customers.

  • Our lawyers initiate an amicable approach upon receipt of your file, complementing possible actions conducted internally. If necessary, a thorough solvency investigation of your debtor is conducted to determine the most appropriate strategy for recovering your debt.

A single contact for the entire amicable debt collection process

  • At Cabinet ARC, the same contact person takes care of your file throughout the debt collection process. It monitors the impact of unpaid invoice remittances to your customers while at each step modifying the sequence, content and support interventions. The lawyers at Cabinet ARC favor “tailor-made debt collection” taking into account the specificities of your sector of activity. We make sure to systematically adapt our approach to the collection file to process.

Our business lawyers are well versed in negotiation techniques. They develop and implement a tailor-made debt collection in order to obtain, from the amicable phase, a quick return of cash in your account.

In case of failure of the amicable recovery procedure, our teams are able to offer you very quickly the best option to follow : stop any action or start the process of judicial recovery.

Judicial debt collection : Forced recovery of the claim.

In case of failure in the amicable debt collection phase, it may be appropriate to set up the judicial phase and thus launch the legal proceedings against your debtor.

The judicial debt collection, also known as “litigation“, consists in seizing the competent court in order to obtain the condemnation of the bad payer when all the amicable reminders and attempts of negotiation have failed.

A highly supervised process

During this technical phase and very framed, the lawyers of Cabinet ARC accompany you throughout this procedure in the minutest details.

In order to optimize the judicial collection of debts, the Cabinet ARC has also developed innovative techniques articulating the action of its Department of business detectives and a specific legal action:
the process of foreclosure of receivables that makes unavailable assets seizable your debtor before having initiated legal proceedings against him.

The subpoena

The subpoena is a judicial proceeding in which the judge will rule on the substance of the law and on all aspects of the proceedings. This procedure is initiated as soon as there are serious disputes about the amount
the debt to be recovered.

Once your debtor has been convicted by the court, the lawyers of Cabinet ARC will, as soon as possible, execute the judgment through our network of competent bailiffs.

Quick assignment

As for the rapid assignment, it can be ordered as soon as no serious dispute has been raised. This procedure allows you to quickly obtain the conviction of your debtor.

Each of these judicial recovery procedures must comply with specific rules. Our lawyers specializing in debt recovery support you in implementing the most appropriate strategy for your situation and ensures a personal and transparent follow-up throughout the legal process.

International debt collection

Cabinet ARC’s expertise in international collections is based on the constant adaptability of our lawyers to the commercial and legal specificities of each country.
For more than 20 years, ARC has organized and expanded a comprehensive network of high-performance partners around the world, selected according to very strict criteria.

The perfect knowledge of languages, legal provisions and local practices allows our teams to determine the most appropriate procedure to optimize the recovery of your receivables abroad.

Recouvrement de créances à l'international

An unpaid, a different meaning from one country to another

An unpaid payment can have different meanings depending on the country of origin of your debtor.

If in the Germanic countries or in Japan a debt will quickly reveal a problem of solvency due to the fact that the settlement of amounts due is a matter of compliance with the rules see of honor, it can instead be indicative of a dispute in the benefit for countries like Brazil, India or China.

The weight of local traditions can be added to the administrative and judicial burden in the context of international debt collection. It will then be necessary to understand and adapt to these traditions in order to avoid turning your trading partner and maintain good business relations with the latter.

The accompaniment of the local partners of the Cabinet ARC is then essential to maximize the chances of a favorable outcome and the return of the cash in your company.