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Caterpillar France, ARC Cabinet Client for Debt Collection
Caterpillar Finance France
Activity : Financing and leasing solutions for the entire Caterpillar product line
Locations CAT Financial : 40 pays
Sales : 14,7 M€
Headquarters : Saint-Denis (93)

Caterpillar : The speed of Cabinet ARC

JEAN RICHARD TESSIER – Financial Director Caterpillar Finance France

Caterpillar témoigne de la prise en charge de ses dossiers de recouvrement de créances par le Cabinet ARC« From the first contact with Mr Le Bossé, I realized we were dealing with professionals, people who knew their business. And what’s more we had a very specific need, and I realized that there were not many firms that would have the skill where we needed it. In practical terms, we sent them our portfolio of cases, gave them all the data and told them they had carte blanche. I think Cabinet ARC is very fast, I think they know when to immediately consult us when there is need to make a very quick decision, they know where to find the decision makers. And I also think they have the legal skills, sufficient firepower behind them. Anyway, we learned about a number of options like conservatory seizure that we did not use in France, which are relatively shock tactics.

The strengths of the Cabinet ARC are we would say above all the presence and the feedback we get and we want in relation to our cases over time. Tools are made available and in particular the meetings we regularly have with them to discuss the state of the portfolio. So it is very important if we are talking about strengths, I think it’s the technical skill used to find the smartest and most appropriate tactics to find a solution. If I were to recommend them I think I would mainly recommend them for their speed. In this area you have to say one thing, in the field of debt collection, litigation is primarily the speed of action which is key. So from the moment you master this factor you master all the rest. »