Cabinet ARC
102-104 Avenue Edouard Vaillant

CMCA, ARC Cabinet Client for debt recovery

CMCA case

Credit Management Conseils & Assurances
Activity : Advice and brokerage for companies
Headquarters : Paris (75)


CMCA Recommends Cabinet CRA for Debt Collection

Philippe Decaudin – Director of Credit Management Conseils et Assurances

Philippe Decaudain - CMCA recommande de confier la gestion du recouvrement de créances au Cabinet ARC
« I advise my clients to work with Cabinet ARC because it is a firm of lawyers that has highly technical skills. We are in the realm of customised debt collection, for cases that are really handled in great depth. And the results my customers have had ensure I will continue to develop partnerships with the firm.

Cabinet ARC’s strengths relate to their technical skills, responsiveness, closeness to the customer and above all the results in terms of debt collection which is very important in our businesses. »