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Hachette & Cabinet ARC debt collection

Hachette Livre


Hachette testimony about debt collectionMr SCHERER – Credit-Manager HACHETTE LIVRE:

“I have been a Cabinet ARC customer for some years and we aim to continue our partnership as we are pleased with the relationship that has been established over the last few years.

What we like about Cabinet ARC is that it has respected the terms and conditions we set at the beginning, namely, that we wanted to be constantly kept informed of the progress of cases and in particular we wanted to keep customer relations as intact as possible, despite the occasional collection problems insofar as we have to work with them in the long term.

The strengths of Cabinet ARC are its responsiveness, professionalism, and respect for customer relations, which is very important for us because when we entrust a debt collection case to them it means we have exhausted our debt collection resources and then Cabinet ARC brings something extra without, and this is very important, damaging customer relations.”